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White Cube and IWM

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Visited the White Cube in Bermondsey to see Tracy Emin’s show. To cheer myself up went to the IWM to see WW1 paintings and engravings. See below! I am also very concerned about the revamp of the IWM by Foster and Partners. It seems to me to be an Architectural display rather than a display of the museums wonderful artefacts. I would like to hear any other comments. There seems to be far less on display than before ,now maybe it was thought there was to much of a jumble but i am sure people love to see lots of items and now there is little room for them. I gather lots of items have been removed to Duxford which is fine if you can get there.

The new interior of the Imperial War Museum

Another shot of the main hall

A wonderful Paul Nash poster

An engraving by CRW Nevinson

Another engraving by Nevinson

A painting by William Orpen

A very young pilot by William Orpen

A small section of a Stanley Spencer

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Natalie Gibson

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Natalie is an acclaimed textile designer and tutor at Central St Martins. She has taught hundreds of fashion students over the years and the Central would be a lesser place without her. At the moment she is showing and selling some of her work at a wonderful store in Hoxton called PITFIELD in Pitfield street. The store has an eclectic  array of goods from the 50s to the present day and is owned by Paul Brewer. The store also combines a great little cafe .It is well worth a visit to see Natalie’s work and to have

A rather blurred and moody photo of Natalie

Some of Natalie's cushions (She is rather well known for hearts and cats)

Another cushion

a good look around the store.

One of her prints

A view within the store

One of Nat's tea towles

another print

A night view outside PITFIELD

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Little bits of aircraft

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

A Tigermoth at rest

The sister of the Tigermoth

The nice logo of the Hornet Moth

The wind driven Speedometer!

and another nice propellor logo

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A few nice images! Oct 2014

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

More fairground 'Art'

fairground art

Fairground art

Fairground art

fairground art

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A Belated Spanish Trip

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

We spent 5 days in Spain at the end of May this year and visited,for the first time, Madrid and Seville. Each time i visit Spain i am more and more excited by the architecture, old buildings, shop signs,markets and food. For anyone who has not visited these two cities they are a must. Not just for the obvious museums, churches and Cathedrals but for the small streets of fascinating old shop fronts and wonderful signs that mostly seem to be produced on tiles. I have, below, included a series of signs that i photographed while walking around. As we were there for such a short time there must be far more. Anyway enjoy! and look at LRWs latest design work.

A Barbers shop in Madrid

Rather interesting decoration made with 'coat hangars'!

A rather nice painting in a street market,not sure if it was old

Great store signs

A sensational tiled store front

The wonderful food market in Madrid

another view of the market

Wonderful Advertising sign in an antique typewriter store

another great ad

an interesting old store front

A shop sign for 'Bath's'

This is quite a famous one

I hope this is not for demolition!!

So many!!

Signs above a gun shop

another nice sign

Tile street names!

more street names

Another famous tiled ad

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Corsham, Wiltshire

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Just a couple of photos of this beautiful town between Bath and Chippenham. There had been a film crew filming a new ‘Poldark’ all week hence the shop window. The photos are of Flemish weavers cottages at the northern end of the town.

Looking along the Flemish Cottages

A shop window dressed up for 'Poldark'

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Iford Manor

Friday, May 16th, 2014

We went to the most wonderful Manor House last week in Wiltshire. It is called Iford Manor. Not owned by the National Trust so a family still live in it. The house is only open by special arrangment as is the very beautiful walled garden. The house was once owned by Harold Ainsworth Peto who was an architect,he worked with Lutyen’s. Any way Peto bought the house in about 1892 and transformed the garden into an amazing space of old buildings and fragments of masonry that he had collected from around the Continent. It is a place to visit but not easy to find. It is not far from Bath and close to the beautiful weaving town of Bradford On Avon.

take a look at their website  and at their website for concerts

a view of the walled garden from the river bridge

one of the many statues in the garden

A view accross the valley from the garden

Iford Manor from the river bridge

from the other half of the manor

Part of the 'Peto' garden

The Cloisters in the garden where they stage concerts

A river of wild garlic

The beautiful garden house

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Sam Windett Show

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Sam Windett’s new show opens at The Approach this coming Thursday until May 18th.

Big canvasses and dramatic colour.

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Signs, Architecture and more LA Feb 2014

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Down Town LA

An LA 'cathederal'

Painting on a building Los Angeles

Magnificent signs on the old HELMS bread factory

More of Helms

Another sign on the Helms building

A wonderful motel sign

I love these signs!

A fine illuminated garage clock

The magnificent Los Angeles railway station

information stand

To the trains!

1930s seats in the station

This is a must place for breakfast, it's great


The door to Philippe's

One of the wonderful signs inside Philippe's

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Lots of packaging from Flea markets in California

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Number 2 in this mini series! We went to lots of ‘flea markets’ in California looking for anything interesting to do with labels,toys ephemera, letters,Americana etc etc. I am just going to put lots of photos of anything I think will be visually interesting. Around Los Angeles there are lots of regular Antique and flea markets. The more regular you go you will often see the same traders at each market but as it is always sunny and mostly warm for anyone in Europe it’s bliss and I am sure you will always find something of interest. The Markets I went to were  The Rose Bowl, every Sunday – Pasadena City College 1st Sunday of the month- Long Beach 3rd Sunday of the month and Santa Monica. You can Google them all. Hope you enjoy the photos. I have tried to keep it of interest to Graphic designers.

Packaging at the Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl

Letters are very popular

America produced mountains of wonderful pressed steel toys!

There are many makes Hubbly, Marx , Hafner etc, etc

This is a beautiful bus, very heavy pressed steel

The bus,i wanted it!

Genuine American Indian jacket

A lovely old cowboy saddle

A great 40s children's tractor

A great enamel sign

This trader had the most amazing ephemera and comics etc.

One of the traders van a 50s/60s Ford

A great 'Tom Mix' coffee tin

A wonderful early soap box

how's that for weighing your baby

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