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Corsham, Wiltshire

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Just a couple of photos of this beautiful town between Bath and Chippenham. There had been a film crew filming a new ‘Poldark’ all week hence the shop window. The photos are of Flemish weavers cottages at the northern end of the town.

Looking along the Flemish Cottages

A shop window dressed up for 'Poldark'

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Iford Manor

Friday, May 16th, 2014

We went to the most wonderful Manor House last week in Wiltshire. It is called Iford Manor. Not owned by the National Trust so a family still live in it. The house is only open by special arrangment as is the very beautiful walled garden. The house was once owned by Harold Ainsworth Peto who was an architect,he worked with Lutyen’s. Any way Peto bought the house in about 1892 and transformed the garden into an amazing space of old buildings and fragments of masonry that he had collected from around the Continent. It is a place to visit but not easy to find. It is not far from Bath and close to the beautiful weaving town of Bradford On Avon.

take a look at their website  and at their website for concerts

a view of the walled garden from the river bridge

one of the many statues in the garden

A view accross the valley from the garden

Iford Manor from the river bridge

from the other half of the manor

Part of the 'Peto' garden

The Cloisters in the garden where they stage concerts

A river of wild garlic

The beautiful garden house

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