A Belated Spanish Trip

We spent 5 days in Spain at the end of May this year and visited,for the first time, Madrid and Seville. Each time i visit Spain i am more and more excited by the architecture, old buildings, shop signs,markets and food. For anyone who has not visited these two cities they are a must. Not just for the obvious museums, churches and Cathedrals but for the small streets of fascinating old shop fronts and wonderful signs that mostly seem to be produced on tiles. I have, below, included a series of signs that i photographed while walking around. As we were there for such a short time there must be far more. Anyway enjoy! and look at LRWs latest design work.

A Barbers shop in Madrid

Rather interesting decoration made with 'coat hangars'!

A rather nice painting in a street market,not sure if it was old

Great store signs

A sensational tiled store front

The wonderful food market in Madrid

another view of the market

Wonderful Advertising sign in an antique typewriter store

another great ad

an interesting old store front

A shop sign for 'Bath's'

This is quite a famous one

I hope this is not for demolition!!

So many!!

Signs above a gun shop

another nice sign

Tile street names!

more street names

Another famous tiled ad

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