Natalie Gibson

Natalie is an acclaimed textile designer and tutor at Central St Martins. She has taught hundreds of fashion students over the years and the Central would be a lesser place without her. At the moment she is showing and selling some of her work at a wonderful store in Hoxton called PITFIELD in Pitfield street. The store has an eclectic ¬†array of goods from the 50s to the present day and is owned by Paul Brewer. The store also combines a great little cafe .It is well worth a visit to see Natalie’s work and to have

A rather blurred and moody photo of Natalie

Some of Natalie's cushions (She is rather well known for hearts and cats)

Another cushion

a good look around the store.

One of her prints

A view within the store

One of Nat's tea towles

another print

A night view outside PITFIELD

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