White Cube and IWM

Visited the White Cube in Bermondsey to see Tracy Emin’s show. To cheer myself up went to the IWM to see WW1 paintings and engravings. See below! I am also very concerned about the revamp of the IWM by Foster and Partners. It seems to me to be an Architectural display rather than a display of the museums wonderful artefacts. I would like to hear any other comments. There seems to be far less on display than before ,now maybe it was thought there was to much of a jumble but i am sure people love to see lots of items and now there is little room for them. I gather lots of items have been removed to Duxford which is fine if you can get there.

The new interior of the Imperial War Museum

Another shot of the main hall

A wonderful Paul Nash poster

An engraving by CRW Nevinson

Another engraving by Nevinson

A painting by William Orpen

A very young pilot by William Orpen

A small section of a Stanley Spencer

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