Allen Jones at the Royal Academy 12/11/2014

Allen Jones the painter/sculptor had his opening at the Royal Academy last night. It was a retrospective and it was wonderful. The amount of work and his progression through the years is quite sensational. I have always been a great admirer of Allen’s work , i love his technical skills and amazing love of colour.This is an exhibition which¬† is a must to see it is pure joy. I know Allen is always quoted for his erotic “seats” and “tables” but my goodness they almost shrink against his other work. He is a complete master of colour,style and technique.

Allen giving his speech at the opening

A beautiful small model

One of Allen's paintings

An early Allen Jones

one of Allen's sculptures

A painting and sculpture

one of the life size figures

A figure with Kate Moss in the background

Kate Moss

Interesting people attended Grayson Perry

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