4 Days in Lisbon Jan 2015

A beautiful shop interior in Lisbon

The sensational coach museum in Belem , Lisbon

Lisbon in the winter is a perfect place to visit,not to cold and certainly not hot. It is a beautiful city fairly untouched, that is since the great earthquake of 1750 when the city was almost destroyed. There are some wonderful buildings and shopfronts mostly from the late 18th and 19th centuries. Thereare still some sensational large house ,museums and palaces that have survived and i have included a selection of photos below. A city which still have beautiful trams and funiculars from the late 1890s. The trams being originally imported from the USA. As Lisbon is built on a series of very steep hills the funiculars are very useful! Sadly they are mostly covered in dreadful graffiti. (There has to be zero tolerance to this visual pollution!) While in Lisbon a must is to take a 40 minute train ride to Sintra to see the wonderful architecture of the houses and palaces there. Again see below.


The wonderful Art Deco theatre in the main Blvd in Lisbon

The entrance to the main railway station! Some entrance!

One of the lovely old Funiculars and it's graffiti!

and a view from the funicular (Bloody graffiti)

One of the famous "warm cherry wine" stores

and the bottles of the cherry wine!

One of the old wooden trams imported from the USA

Lisbon is famous for it's tile clad buildings and interiors. This is an old bakery

a detail of the tiles inside the old bakery

Wonderful tile covered buildings

The entrance to one of the funiculars

Here it comes, nice without the graffiti!

great shop signs

Another wonderful shop front


This is the Palacio National in Sintra. The 'chimneys' are the kitchens!

the wonderful 17th century ceilings in the National Palace Sitra

Another wonderful ceiling

Fantastic tile work

Wonderful type and tiles in the Palace

The kitchens in the Pena Palace built in the 1840s

A detail from a room in the National Palace Sitra

A detail from the Pena Palace


A beautiful shop interior

another great shopfront

Couldn't resist this tuk tuk!

The Mosteiro dos Jeronimos in Belem, Lisbon


Wonderful old tiles in the museum


Formerly a riding school now the Museum of coaches,it is sensational!

A detail of a coach wheel from the museum

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