If you ever need “Carhartt’s” then the only place to go in New York is Dave’s New York on 581 Ave Of The Americas. (6th Ave.) Just a thought! From Dave’s we went for a walk along the ‘High Line’. The High Line is a must on a visit to New York. It’s the old elevated railway in the old meat packing district,now very fashionable. Instead of demolishing the line it has been turned into an elevated walkway of about 2 to 3 miles. It’s really terrific as when you walk along it looking at the flowers and grasses that have been planted by volunteers you also get a great view of New York. The railway was the most wonderful idea in it’s day as it delivered and collected goods from the insides of all the factory’s along it’s route. I can’t help thinking that maybe sometime in the future it will all come back!

The High Line

Part of the old railway showing a blocked of building

Part of the High Line showing a 70s hotel over it.

A view from the High Line

A poster above where we parked!

and an ad for Jamaica!

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